Full Color Coasters Square 3.5 in. – TWO SIDES – 40 Pt.


Overview of features:

  •  made from high recyclable 40pt. board. post consumer waste
  •  printing in full color, can be pictures, logos or both.
  •  thickness: 40 pt. recycled absorbent cardboard
  •  printing inks and materials approved in accordance with food safety regulations
  • recycle look and robust resistance to moisture
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Full-color disposable coasters are completely customizable.  You can upload your logo or image after purchase, or you can add any message you need to be advertised.

Full-color coasters are made of recyclable 40 pt. absorbent paper. This paper has a medium base, which means full color can be easily used on this product.

This media is used for regular everyday needs you need to advertise your brand, product or event.

These personalized coasters are a very useful way to advertise your brand, offers, and products to your customers while maintaining a table-free of the wet mess. Its an advertising platform for all visible, but a non-competitive area of your customers’ mind. Coasters are effective because the target is not prepared, you caught their mind off guard, at the same time that provides comfort, professionalism, order to your customers’ minds and protection to your surfaces.

Available in different qualities and sizes, and printable using our high tech digital presses, our coasters elegantly underscore your company’s image while ensuring you won’t spill a drop.

Our coasters are be made of absorbent card paper stock, printed to assure your design to be water resistant since the base of the inks we use are oil. Water and oil get repelled, so it will never be dissolved by any liquid during the time its been in use and keep your customers’ eyes on them every time the container on top it been used.


Additional information

Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 11 in

10000, 1200, 2500, 25000, 5000, 50000


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