Our custom coasters and your business needs

Our custom coasters and your business needs

Our coasters we design are nothing like what other restaurants use such as napkin which just gets saggy and nasty as the glass spends some time on it. We thought up the idea of removing the whole nasty wet paper towel on the table which creates a rather unpleasant scene with sticky pieces falling everywhere. We are not being too braggy in saying our coasters will soak up all that excess fluid but it does a great job. It may not be the perfect choice to use as beer mats in large restaurants but it will certainly do the trick you want from your coasters. We specialize in different kinds of coasters from the thinner versions to semi texture and from what our customers have told us, they work mighty fine.

We specialize in printed drink coasters and as such, whatever design you desire to have on your personalized coaster, we can put it there. We focus on saving, quality and getting greater results out of every use the coaster provides. We use treated recycled materials when we consider building our coasters.

We allow for personalized coaster printing to match the needs of any business whether it be small or large. We have been on a venture to helping each and every company who seek our services to achieve more with their branding and reach a wider base of customers. For a long time, persons have realized that they do not get as much from the regular “newspaper print” like they used to as many persons who running out of time to go through all that information.

Our personalized coasters are designed to expose your company in such a way that persons will be interested into wanting to do business with you as with put your branding out in a straightforward and meaningful manner. Our way of coaster printing takes on either a single-sided message display or a double reaching format with our customized double-sided printed coasters. How often do you believe persons have time to be reading a tabloid with details on a company that only shows what they have achieve and not how they provide service to the wider public? Not many because they have no time or interest in all that!

Our disposable coasters put your business on the spotlight and the designs get your business message to the point and relay all the information you want the selective audience to get.

Reach more customers with our coasters because we have been helping many companies do it over time and they have reaped many results. These coasters are small, they spread the direct message and they are really cost effective compared to other advertising methods which are not even producing results. Let us ask… did you know you could print your branded message on a 3.5 inches cut out cardboard? No right! Well we have been doing it and because iot is so flexible in delivering, and keeping, many people have resorted to it. For whatever purpose you are seeking a coaster whether as a incentive card, wedding themed card, party card or other event, Disposable Coasters can have it designed, made and delivered within the shortest possible timing.