Disposable Coasters Services and your Profitable Business Solutions


Using coasters in promotion of your business in one of the most popular places is among the best options. Drink Coasters created with unique and informational designing will help customers to learn of a business venture in ease and comfort without having the issues of going out of bounds to source any information. Having a cool moment with friends over a beer will guarantee business owners to get a great and favorable response for profit.


Brands who are seeking an effective way to advertise to a wide base customer reach, will know for sure that this simple yet unique way of bringing their message to customers will help to grant them more profit. Using Disposable Coasters as your coaster manufacturer, you will get:

– Affordable quality service

We have over the years being serving both large and small scale brands as we do pride in producing and presenting nothing less than the best. We are especially the only company who easily satisfy the needs of small businesses as we produce an amount of 6,000 per hour. Unlike other manufacturers, we cater to specific coaster needs of clients and that helps to genuinely set us apart. Our prices for the highest possible quality is like that of no other.

– Years of trusted service

We have been in the manufacturing sector for quite some time and have served a variety of brands and named businesses. We can assure you based on all client reviews, the coasters we produce are of the highest quality and they never regretted contracting our services. Putting the client first is exactly what we here at Disposable Coasters do and we strive at all times to make them pleased.

– Fast servicing

Whatever your design idea, our trained service specialists knows how to incorporate it into an effective advertising tool which is destined to boost your business. Our team knows the importance of timing and as such, their skills and expertise help them to passionately take your ideas and produce up to 6,000 cards within a 60mins period. A lot of businesses do try to adopt our coaster printing skills but of course, they fail miserably. Among our key production motto is: “time is the gateway for profitable business gains.


Advertising your business in an effective yet low costing rate, will direct your attention to developing the need for drink coasters. Take for instance a wine producer, most of his customers would be located at a bar and what better way to start your strong business word spreading. This option of business advertising have seen a higher and way better effective “lead” for businesses. We at Disposable Coasters produce your coasters in ways that prospective customers would be interested to read and feel the need to travel with their coasters.

We make ourselves readily available for you to contact us at any time and as such, representatives are always on call to assist with all your needs. We give you quality results for your time and money.

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