Disposable Coasters FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What better way to satisfy the needs of our customers and prospective customers about the questions they might have. We have provided a list questions and answers for you below which most of our clients ask us. If by chance you can’t identify your questions), feel free to give us a buzz via our “contact us” and our team will respond to you in short order.

What locations do you ship drink coasters?

Our manufactured customized and personalized coasters are shipped in multiple regions including the Caribbean and North America. However, most of our shipments are done in the United States with no unnecessary costs and taxes needed for shipment. If you desire an estimate for a selective product shipping, feel free to contact us.

Do you produce selective shaped disposable coasters?

We here at Disposable Coasters normally produce standard circular and square shaped coasters in either 3.5″ or 4″ sizes. We however do pride in manufacturing any custom coaster shapes you desire with our custom die option. Depending on the shape which you want, we are fully equipped with the required tools to get them done in whatever sizes you choose.

We also have custom designs in our catalog for you to choose from if you prefer drink coasters other than the ordinary. You can see our varied shapes via our “personalized coaster library”. We can have these designs done in small or large sizes. For a quote on these customizable coaster designs, you can request one from our sales department free of cost.

Are these drink coasters safe?

Yes, we ensure the products we use to manufacture our drink coasters are 100% recyclable safe materials, tested and proven eco-friendly and nature-friendly. We use vegetable based inks to produce or off-set printed coasters which is wearable and not harmful to its users and environs.

Are your coaster only used for drink placement?

Absolutely not. We produce custom coasters, drink coasters, personalized coasters and disposable coasters which serves a whole bunch of purposes including:

• Advertising your business, services or products – advertising coasters

• Wedding invitations, souvenirs and thank you cards – wedding coasters

• Promotional branding and art & craft designs – personalized coasters

• Drink mats for protection and other protective coasters – drink coasters; custom coasters

I heard about pulp board…what is it?

Pulp board is what we use to make our coasters. It is a durable material which is well absorbentof various liquid types and can manage to be designed into multiple shapes without any issues. Pulp board is a special kind of board which is fully recyclable and bio-degradable. It is originally manufactured from forests produces, safe for the environment.

Are orders hard to make?

Not at all. We make coaster ordering quite easy for our clients, hassle free and stress free. If your need is for drink coasters, custom coasters or personalized coasters, we here at Disposable Coasters offer this phase in three easy steps:

1. Deliver your design files to our offices via  email.

2. We will restructure according to your specification and create a digital version and return to you for review and approval

3. Upon approval, we will create the original coasters and delivery to you directly.

NB: We produce in small quantities or large quantities, as per your choice.

How thick are coasters produced?

We produce, as standard; a lightweight (22 pt.), a super light weight (17 pt.). These uniquely thin, but sturdy drink coasters are made using 85% post consumer recyclable pulp board material. Why pay a lot more for those expensive thick coasters when you can save a lot and still look like new every time with new pieces every client. At the end you can not re-use the thick ones without looking wore and ugly?

That’s the reason why other competitors are trying to imitate us “promoting even light weight-ers”

Before we manufacture your coasters though, we check the uses you are designing for and recommend the best options to choose. These include presentation, the place of use, among other specifications.

Do you print double sides?

Yes we do. We recommend our clients to consider the double side printing option as it results in higher advertising leads turning to potential customers. If users decide to use whichever side, they will still be graced with your service and product which you are putting forward to them. We vary in supply meaning whether a large or small quantity order, we can print one or double side.

Can I re-use my coaster?

Yes indeed. We create the coasters not only for a single use but multiple and long-lasting experience. They can easily be air-dried after soaking liquids. But if you want to look in mint condition before your customers, you should not even re-use the thicker ones unless they are made of ceramic or wood. That is why disposable coasters were made: attractive, sturdy, and very easy to replace due to our price and turnaround times of response.

How long does it take for coaster delivery?

After your coaster design approval, you can select delivery options, it can be delivered within 24 hours or more (but only based on the quantity pack).

Can I submit coaster art file in any format?

We highly recommend that you submit your coaster artwork as a vector art example wedding-coaster .eps or custom-coaster .ai and having the text converted to outlines. If you are unaware of how to submit via these formats, you can just ask us to get guidelines and tips on how to do this. If you have your own coaster designs, you can submit them via the more popular formats including: .jpg, .tif or .png.

Where do you get your pulp board?

We use American pulp board directly from the specialized mill.

Do you only produce coasters in large quantities?

Absolutely not. We produce in small quantities from as low as 25 up to whatever order you desire. You are free to request a quote for your quantity order.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) and Paypal.

Do you offer samples of your product?

Yes we do offer samples. You can request them free by emailing us.

Do you offer rush services for coaster production?

Absolutely! If you desire to have your drink coasters, wedding coasters, custom coasters or customized coasters prepared within a short period, we can have that arranged for you. Our services can produce up to thousands of coasters within an hour. The production is quick with the longest wait being in the time between send off and delivery to your doorstep or business. We offer a rush shipping service* which helps to make the wait period shorter.
*May attract additional cost

Do I always have to pay in full?

Since we are online manufacturers, we require a 100% full payment before production.

Do you offer personalized shipping?

We normally ship from our account and include the costing in the overall price. If you desire to ship via your option, an additional charge may be required to facilitate such transfer. Please speak with one of our customer service staff for further clarification based on your specifications.

Can coasters be personalized to match other personal items?

Yes indeed. If you wish to customized your coasters to match other items such as your menu card, placemats, decor or other design items, we are well equipped to facilitate this choice. Simply send us your “follow design” and we will work effectively to have an exact replica of such. If we foresee any issues in the production, our team will highlight you as soon as possible.