Privacy Policy

It is with knowledge that Disposable Coasters value the need for customers to conduct their business with the highest level of privacy. It is however imperative that in order to conduct business in an increasingly electronically operated economy that some personal information will be collected Disposable Coaster though with the need to be successful in business, pays high regards to the rights of each and every individual and as such, we pride in preventing the misuse of any personal information of our customers.

The ultimate need for your select personal information is to be better able to provide you with the best services in a smooth, personalized and efficient manner. The select information better enable us to cater our services to suit your needs and alter our services for a better experience

Collecting Your Personal Information

At select intervals, Disposable Coasters may request selective personal information from you with regards to your name, email address, contact number, company/business name or address (for delivery purposes only). This information will be divulged however at your own choice. This particular information we collect is to alter your business experience with us as well as upon request, supply additional information about specials and/or other products and services. Also, there may be other areas of the website which require some personal details to gain access to proportioned information and may not be divulged if information is not presented. 

 Domain Information

Disposable Coasters may also randomly collect domain information (no action needed by you for this) in order to conduct general analysis for site use. The information will enable us to have a better knowledge as to the type of persons who visit our site, how often they visit and which services they are more inclined to when they visit. We then use this information to improve our website to cater to the needs of all visitors. 

We also use IP addresses to assess and track user movements which is along with a demographic collection information for aggregate use. Be aware that IP addresses are not directly linked to any personal identification information and may also include the URL you are on or just came from. 

Disclosing your information

Regrettably, as per set environmental regulations, we may have to disclose your information but only if law requires this of us. Due to the contents and guides of this Privacy Policy, we will never disclose your information otherwise or as stated by law.

Given instances such as government or regulated third parties or uncensored breach of our system (we work hard to protect our system against fraud however), these are the only ways information will be divulged. Also, we may disclose (as per your given instruction) any personal information to a stated source such as law enforcement or any other regulated body especially in the need for fraud or discrepancy investigations, intellectual property infringements or any other related legal liability.

We do not sell or trade your information for profitable gain to our business.


We do personal identification surveys and in the process, disclose select information to our advertisers to cater to the needs of our visitors and customers. However, we do not disclose personal customer information in these instances.

 Legal Requests

We work and cooperate with law enforcement of both locally and internationally stationed. With the request by law for disclosure of information, we may give as per their directions.

 Use of your Information

We use your personal informations only as you request us to use them. For marketing and promotional use, statistical analysis, product offerings, and ultimate customization of our site’s products and services to suit your preferred needs.

We may use your email address as a portal for sending you promotional products as well as our newsletter and/or other information needed for communication purposes. 

 Use of Cookies

Some of our site’s pages use “cookies” which is a form of personal identification in the form of small files downloaded to your hard drive. However, rest assured that cookies are not able to access or divulge any information you have stored on your hard drive but are only used for site registration and customization upon return visit. Failure to accept cookies as given my result in some pages limiting the information divulged to you. 


We respect your privacy and as such, we work at the utmost highest level in protecting every information personal or otherwise that you submit to our site. We safeguard all data in a confidentiality but hoping you are aware that there is no such thing thing as “perfect security” where the internet is concerned. This is the internet and while we work efficiently to safeguard your data to the highest level, we implore you take the necessary precautions to also protect yourself. 

 Disposable Coaster reserve the rights to change or alter the information presented here without formal notice or contact.