When you think of custom coasters are beer coasters, you may feel they are only used for drink placement in a bar or restaurant. But in truth and in fact, custom coasters have now become a universal product that everyone can and will eventually use for their selective purposes. Disposable Coasters are original designers of custom coasters and personalized coaster which we pride ourselves in to not compromise on quality and efficiency. When you think on the many different features and uses of the coasters, you can count on us to be ahead of the game and always be on the height of quality production.

We always ensure we stay up to date on the many benefits, uses, types and general features related to the use of coasters. As such, we ensure we are fully equipped and able to provide you with the necessary production line you need in order to get the full use, potential and benefits out of your coasters. No matter the design you need, as long as it can be done on physical paper, we can put it on your custom or personalized coasters effectively.


We take pride in the way we serve our customers and cater to their every need. We always work assiduously to ensure our customers have maximum ease in comfort in the way they conduct their business with us. Disposable Coasters are a set apart from in rest in that:

– We allow our customers to easily upload their desired personalized coaster or custom coaster designs unto our working portal

– We work in high communication with our customers to ensure the production of their customs coasters are done in regards to their specifications.

– We cater to all customer needs in the sense that no matter the number of coasters you need, we can arrange for production

– We provide fast, efficient and affordable services


Whether you are a small, medium or large business enterprise, we are here to serve you. No matter the size of your company, if the need for custom coasters, disposable coasters or personalized coasters arises, we can provide the highest quality production service you seek after. We take pride in serving all business types and no matter the deign choice for your coasters, we can make it happen. Since our inception, we have been creating coasters for business which are of a completely different nature and still we have never compromised on quality. We ensure:

– Your coasters are designed as per your specifications

– Your coasters are always produced on time

– Your coasters serve the purpose for which they were created

– You get value for money

– We produce your coasters with authentic pulp board-tested and proven for safety

Gone are the days when coasters are used only as a beer mat. They serve a myriad of purposes especially a strong marketing and advertising technique. With Disposable Coasters, we will help you improve and advance in the way you do business with the production of coasters.