Beverage Coasters. Maximizing on promotional branding.

Maximizing on promotional branding using custom coasters.

Promotional branding is a widely used marketing strategy that many businesses use in this time and age. When you think on the many benefits this method has yield for both small and large businesses, you are gonna want to cash in on it real fast. Don’t get the wrong perception of “cash in” because proper thinking and management can make you reach more customer with way less spending. One of the most effective branding tools are coasters. These are either circular, square or custom designs which put your business on the spotlight for a wide audience to see it. Here at Disposable Coasters we design your product in such a way that they will attract customers and in return turn massive sales through for your business. The best part of these promotional products is that you can use them anywhere you choose and anyhow you wish.

How to spread your brand with personalized coasters

Spreading your brand with coasters is certainly not a hard job because when you think about it, they are small cards which people can always have on them and each time they look in their purses or wallets, your business will click through their minds. But what ways can you really spread your brand with coasters and for what will you advertise? Here are a few options:

Business openings
You have a new business venture and is planning on a grand opening but want people to be there. Designing your coasters with class like we do here at Disposable Coaster can have you placing these products at intervals where you know a wide base audience will be. Take for instance restaurants, shopping areas, assembly or information desks, etc. You can also self deliver them as you go along.

Business name introduction
You have your business but people are not really familiar with what the name says about your company. Tell them in a unique way which will interest new customers and build a stronger relationship with existing customers.

Customer appreciation
Have a little incentive for your new and existing customers but need a unique way to give them? Design your customer appreciation card in the form of a coaster. For example, a text like “get $10 off your next $50 purchase”. Freebies are always a grab for everyone because it really helps them to get more for less and always get better value many times.

Introduction of new services and products
What better way to introduce a new idea to your new and existing customers than with the use of a custom coaster? Operating a business which have always had a large customer base is great for advertising a new business venture because your customers will more than likely gravitate and support the growth.

Promoting your business can always be a good thing because it helps to grow it positively. Disposable Coasters are a great way to advertise whatever business you operate and an effective way for customers to reach you. It is simple and really cost effective and it is great in brand promotion.