Your custom coasters are what you make of them and best believe they have the potential to reap great benefits for you. Whether you are using your coasters for branding & marketing, your special event, or as a promotional tool, customizing it specially can result in more effectiveness. For so long persons have tried many different methods of putting their message out there without even getting any desired results. Though it is customary for coasters to be seen in bars and restaurants, the pulp board designed product, has far surpassed that stage and has ventured into additional uses. However, the way people traditionally use them – simply as a beermat – is no longer the sole reasons behind its production.

When it comes to coasters, the uses have become dramatically limitless and persons who never thought it possible are now reaching out to coaster manufacturers to have their personalized coasters designed for their specified use. Take for instance a business operator, they are always on the lookout for new customers and finding effective strategies to pull them in are always on the table. With the inception of Disposable Coasters, we saw the need for persons who were seeking a new method of reaching potential customers without forcing themselves onto them. Custom coasters are very effective and based on research analysis; it is a very effective way to keep customers coming back.

The effectiveness of custom coasters

Customs coasters or personalized coasters are a small yet powerful tool. Though they can be designed to dispose of when finished using, you can always keep them as a reminder of a business venture or simply as a souvenir. The effectiveness of coasters has played out in reality with:

Up to 90% of persons having access to a advertising or promotional coaster

Over 80% of persons having a core knowledge of business owners who have reached out to them

A large percentage of persons actually start doing business as a result of receiving a promotional coaster

A large percentage of persons actually returning on a weekly basis to access the services of a particular business.

Everyone loves a free gift every now and then and giving an incentive even if small can go a far way in getting and keeping a customer.

Spending less and getting more in personalized coasters

All business venture seek for ways to get effective branding and designing and creating custom coasters are a sure fire way to advertise your brand across a wide audience base. However, do not be consumed in the thought that this must be an expensive strategy because it certainly isn’t. Manufacturing custom coaster is cost effective and doing business with a trusted manufacturing company like Disposable Coasters, you can be relaxed and well comfortable. We are a reliable manufacturing company which pride ourselves in serving our customers and allowing them to get more results with even spending less. What better deal could you ask for! Contact us today and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.