Bring life and enthusiasm to your drink coaster

Bring life and enthusiasm to your drink coaster

Presenting a drink or custom coaster to your prospective customers and clients should instantly develop a level of enthusiasm among them and easily convince them to readily try the product offering you put forward. We here at Disposable Coasters a quality and authentic coaster manufacturer knows exactly how to use a simple print to bring living color to your promotional tool. With the implementation of quality material, quality ink, professional designers and efficiency in working, you will certainly not be disappointed with the results we give you. Whether it is your drink coaster, custom coaster or personalized coaster, we bring a sensual activation from you customers, while “selling” your business in a cost effective way.

WOW your prospective customers

Traditional print promoting and branding is a thing of old and whether you believe it or not, it can bring the desired results you need for your business. But you may be wondering how…let’s help you:

Transformation in coaster advertisement

Using an old technique but with a twist of technological feature will attract people. Designing “outside of the box” with a unique and catching flare will help to put your business on a stand out because it is outside of the normal advertising technique everyone is already used to. Because you have the option of personalizing your custom coaster, you will have the unique idea set apart from everyone else. We here at Disposable Coasters are always in a learning process because as time goes by, persons are looking into other means of interesting advertising and as such, we are always in a transformative mode to keep going.

Technology in coaster advertising

We are working assiduously to be in a state of readiness where custom coasters are concerned. Take for instance a previous business that had a coaster design with actual “smell and taste”. You read right, smell and taste. They gave their customers a tempting touch in the sense that when they smell the coasters, they were lighted up with the scent of an advertised beer and designing the coaster in such a technological style that they were able to “tongue-taste” by sampling a piece of the drink coaster. This is really a venture in which many clients would desire to elevate into and though we are not fully at that stage of production, we are not ruling it out. If it can be done, we will do it. Our die-cutting design feature is a special feature as many clients utilize this in coaster production. It gives users a cutting edge feel of the product and allows for a “real-life” feeling of the actual selling product. In technology we utilize:

Special inks which give a real life graphic feel of the product being advertised. This feature helps to set your custom coaster apart from the rest. It provides not just the flat design but a 3D effect to wow your customers.

Multi-color printing. You can highlight different aspect of your advertising with a color coded design. This will help to bring more life and actual intensity to your product line.